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Massages designed for women only


Massage Studio Jordaan is a hidden gem in the Jordaan, 
Egelantiersgracht (canal) in the Centre of the City.


Close to the Anne Frank House and the 9 Streets.


Giving a good massage is about several things.

I choose a high-standard service that effectively relieves pain and stress.  


As a massage therapist, I take responsibility. Hygiene, health and lifestyle are essential to me, and I share this with my guests.

Massage is a direct and quick way to get back into your body and experience intense relaxation.


Other sources can be necessary to tackle injuries and pain in the long run.

Injuries and pain can occur due to trigger points, trauma, sports accidents, incorrect posture, illness and stress.


This can lead to suffering from fatigue, anxiety, hyperventilation or headaches, to name a few.



You can book a free consultation for more information.


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WATCH THE FREE: Body Wisdom Workshop for Women

How the mind-body connection helps you release pain and stress-related (anxiety, depression, fatigue) health issues.


Hello and Welcome


If there's one thing that I like to share with other women, it's to explain the reason why you're not feeling juicy and fluid but stuck in your body, and why you seem to be unable to do the “right” thing the way you want to and feel good about yourself and your body.


Lifting weights, working out five days a week including Power Yoga and running, eating healthy, and using expensive creams did not prevent me from stiffness and tightness in my muscles that resulted in frozen shoulder and back pain.

I suffered from chronic sinus infections for years, bowel problems, and restless skin because of it.


The numbness I experienced because of all the time and effort I’d put into myself added even more pain to the myth of my already aching soul.


I felt betrayed by my body that my well-meant input helped somewhat or temporarily.


It became clear to me that there was no one-size-fits-all solution.


The key was my outer goal wasn’t hitting my inner blocks and non-sexy stubbornness, but knowing how to instinctively respond to my body’s needs and the quest for its flexibility.


The FeM Flex work is based on your individual physical intelligence.


Well-being and our dynamics, feeling fit & good within your skin require a deeper relationship with your body.


The reason why nothing had worked for you or me is that >demanding< something from the body goes against its omniscient system.

  • What is Mind Body Connection
    Physical health and emotional health are intimately intertwined in what's known as the mind-body connection. Our chemistry and biology impact our mood and emotions, as well as thoughts and beliefs. With all of these factors combined, they play a major role in influencing our stress and physical health.
  • What is Mind Body Medicine
    Mind Body Medicine is vibrational healing by increasing our self energy. Reaching higher levels of consciousness. Choosing from power.
  • Is Mind Body Connection available to everyone
    YES. Indeed, it is our "normal" state of being that we have de-learned. When we trust our bodies completely and return to how our body process really works, we live from a healthy state of being. Mind Body Balance.
  • Do massages help me get rid of my pain
    Certainly and it is a easy way to get into the body. Only there are often silent trigger points blockages present, combined with dehydrated connective tissue that causes stiffness and pain in the body. Massages help for a short while, but does not relieve you on a deeper level. Releasing chronic pain and stress related health issues require support and conscious routine of Mind Body Connection, Breath work and Flexibility Method. Fixing and forcing action from the mind. Creates continues trigger points in the body. Too much tension and a lack of blood circulation.
  • I am pregnant, can I start with Mind Body exercises and activations?
    Yes, you can. The online Activations are very mild and friendly. During classes, we are in continuous contact about how you experience everything. The flexibility and energy exercises have been proven to relief back and pelvic floor complaints. Just never overdo anything : ).
  • My question is not listed here, now what?"
    Sen your question to: Or send me a message throug messenger.
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