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I am Monique, and I help people become free from chronic pains and stress related health issues, using a practical primal mind/body connection.  

I had to discover this the 'hard' way myself, but now I have learned how, I can pass this on to you.

If you’ve tried everything to cure yourself of illness, pain, anxiety, or fatigue OR create a life that really nourishes YOU…it’s time to let go of the fight.



Personal  Trajectory  Mind/body start kit.

Connect to your body with kindness, compassion and curiosity

When you begin to choose from what you KNOW, instead of what you THINK, you align with your nature and embrace health and wealth.

Trigger point package deal

     Relieving pain,

     Removing blockages


  • Become more aware and present with the Life Energy in your body

  • Receive yourself/be with yourself without judgement or agenda.

  • Willpower is not the way. It is not what Tony Robbins advices you: How to force yourself to take action now!!         

Nope, No way Josep!


This is loving and soft and kind, especially if you are a women. You are a receiver from nature. 


Through mind/body connection you can thrive in another way versus conclusion, judgement, suppression. 

Personal  Trajectory

Honor your body

Mind                 Body

Release Blockages


                                       mind/body connection. 


Realize your ambitions without pain or stress related health issues..


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