Massage Studio Jordaan

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I am Monique and i am 54 years old. I live and work in Amsterdam.

I help people to become free from chronic pains and stress related health issues, using a practical primal mind/body connection.  

I had to discover this the 'hard' way myself, but now I have learned how, i can pass this on to you.

Because suffering is not an option.



Mind and Body 

To align your life.

Personal Strategy

Become free of Pain and Stress related obstacles


                                       mind/body connection. 


Realize your ambitions without pain or stress related health issues..


Allergy, Restrictive beliefs, Awareness, Blockages, Burn out, Chronic pain, Chronic fatigue, Contact with body, Contact with myself, Self-esteem, Emotional blockages, Energy shortage, Lifeless, Fybromyalgia,                Physical complaints, Behavior patterns, Headache and migraine, Insight, Physical complaints , Physical stress, Perfectionism, Personal development, Back and neck complaints.