I am Monique, massage therapist and intuitive practitioner.

I help and assist people to become free from chronic pains and stress related health issues, 

using a practical primal mind/body connection.  

I had to discover this the 'hard' way myself, but now I have learned how,

I can pass this on to you.


If you’ve tried everything to cure yourself of illness, pain, anxiety, or fatigue OR create a life that really nourishes YOU…it’s time to let go of the fight.



start kit

Amazing and relaxing experience; perfect treatment following a long-haul flight! I will be back and highly recommend.



After we were with you he slept well for the first time after almost 2 weeks.


And to be honest with you, I was really devastated, because I didn't know how to help him anymore.  


So it was really great for us to be able to relax again, are you so thankful for that.


He's taking it more easy than usual, at least he has less trouble. He really liked the trigger point treatment. He really thinks it helped him.

Monique has been my place to go to for years now - through pain, stress, even through recovering from intense body trauma.


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