Maybe you think that your pain is purely physical.


It's just not true. 


Do the quiz and learn more about yourself.


I am Monique and i am 54 years old. I live and work in Amsterdam.

I help people to become free from chronic pains and stress related health issues. 

I had to discover  this the 'hard' way myself, but now I have learned how, i can pass this on to you.

Because suffering is not an option.


Martina is from Australia and lives in Gouda for three years now.


She is a mom of three kids and pregnant with twins. Coaches/works with Creatrix for highly sensitive women 


She shares her experience about being a expat, that caused her stress and pain, that got so bad to a point that she could hardly use her arm anymore. 

Not only was she in pain but she worried, because she has to take care of two babies in a couple of months. 


She also shows first how difficult and painful it is to move her arm and then how she can use her arm again without pain and much more easily.


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