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Welcome to
Alchemy Anatomy


Your Body, Your Genius.
Become Free from excruciating pain, physical and mental suffering.

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Go beyond doctors, diagnoses, and the frustration of not knowing and fully entering wholeness.

I struggled for years with anxiety and a physical illness until I began applying self-energy. I'm now free from the grip of anxiety, off medications, and assisting others in becoming free from physical and mental illness!"
And help ambitious women connect to their Self Feminine energy to reduce pain in the body, be confident and clear with decisions, and rediscover their powerful energy through my focused-super-natural Mind Body, Fascia and Trigger Point Release, the complete health beauty, sexuality and well being method. 

  • LIVE private 60-minute video session with ME (able to be recorded for future use)



I am Monique Meijer,

Style Coder, Massage Therapist, Body Mystic Expert & Founder of Alchemy Anatomy.


owner of a successful massage studio in Amsterdam, after two decades of dressing fabulous people in my luxury women's clothing boutique, I know the body - and its secrets - very well. I always knew how to take advantage of my super consciousness and felt my genius in the dynamics of the physical, and how to dig into its mystique is the most delightful thing to me.

AND NOW, Alchemy Anatomy was born after training with some of the world's leading mystical pioneers.

"This is for everyone who always KNEW and FELT there is more in this life and their body

than has experienced up till now.


When you've tried "all the things" but haven't yet experienced THE revolutionary truth within Yourself.


And is ready to learn THE missing part.

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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