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Start your day,
the right way

Temporary to take advantage of this opportunity!

I have created a selection of exercises, releases, information and activations that I have come to use over the years that work. They not only help you get out of your mind and into your body. But there are some essential components of a proven pain-free existing course. So you have at your disposal everything you need to live pain-free. 
Except for the physical treatments.
Some help you to create awareness and free yourself from the identification illusions you may be preoccupied with throughout the day, experiencing tension and stress in your body. Others help to Release the pain and relax or reenergize and bring clarity.

     Wake up and activate your                                 
              Energetic System

      Connect with your Body 

Trying to fix stress, pain, or fatigue can leave you feeling like a failure.

Sometimes you don’t have time for meditation, pilates, yoga or breath work.


It can be frustrating and time-consuming.


And the monkey mind is continuously sabotaging.

Something feels off and needs to change.

Thinking your way out is not the solution.

The secret is how to activate and support yourself the right way.


Connecting with Your Body Wisdom, Energy, Spine and Connective Tissue.

That is the answer.



The truth is, You don’t need to sit still for hours.


Forcing to get into alignment.


Quality time should be pleasurable & practical for you.


Once you experience this, you’re ready for more.

Let flexibility and natural ease come to you. 


The problem with “supposed” relaxation and relief exercises can be frustrating.

Which often makes us feel like we never get it right.


  • Thinking we need to achieve a “certain” feeling.

  • Longing for peace of mind. 

  • Classes do not always fit your schedule or mindset. 

  • Like You never get it done.

  • We push ourselves into more physical or mental effort. 

  • Too much valuable time and money.

  • Physical therapy is often limited to a few treatments and does not always work.

Unconsciously, this is tiring for the mind and body, producing even more adrenaline and stress hormones.

More things to do, and busier than necessary.


It offers just less than what you need.

Basic Subscription

My practical release method is based on primal elements.

I have tried it.

I am an experienced expert.

Our Body Needs suitable attention. 


When you become aware of your thoughts and emotions.

And knowing how to tap into your consciousness, you can start supporting your body.

You want to provide your body with the best possible support.

Especially when you’re ambitious about what you like to do.

You want to be dynamic.

Not like you are behind all the time.

Many women who are even active in Yoga and Pilates Workouts often still suffer from 

pain and stress-related health issues.

It cannot be apparent when you think you are doing well.

Because vitality needs your attention on another level.


Our body has an energetic system.

We are energetic beings.

The secret to health is the Self, Your frequency.

Energy is everything,


Trigger Points and Connective Tissue hold onto trauma energy in the body.

The Body is deeply Archetypal.

Meridian blockages can cause an interruption in the flow of energy.

So what you are looking for are exercises that keep everything flexible and moving.

  • Mastering how to use your energy the right way.

  • Transforming pain into flexibility.

  • To stop competing with your body.

  • Have confidence in your body.

  • Out of mind into the body.

  • Unwinding the thoughts, feelings and sensations of the SELF

In this (online) monthly subscription, I’ve added my  "Easy Does it" energy exercise activations.  

And explain them step-by-step.

Exercises for you to use at home whenever you want.  Getting out of the mind into the body.

Releases, information, and activations are for you to use and support anytime you need them. 

I know you will undoubtedly like them more when you start. That is the law of attraction.


They will give you an instant feeling of connection, relaxation, inspiration, and motivation,to start developing yourself into the correct movement your body needs.


Is this real and possible?  Sounds too good to be true?


After years of trying to meditate and achieve a connection with myself, trying to be present in my body.  Sometimes worked, but it often failed.


Until I discovered how to release my worrying and frustration that caused me anxiety, pain, sleepless nights and high blood pressure.

Not only physically but also the problematic relationships I experienced with others.

Not only this, but I have become a powerful creator of my life.


I pass this on to my clients by creating awareness about their bodies and well-being.


Most women join me when they've been suffering for some time, understanding that something has to change.

And finally start experiencing their true self, releasing chronic pain and stress-related health issues.


Learning about their Mind/Body Connection.

This is always a personal process.

You are Unique.


Most women don't understand what they are doing wrong, especially when trying hard to do good and get it right.

It feels like something is missing all the time.



The thing is...You need practical experience.


Once I introduced them to my method and these exercises, they finally got it.

Migraines, anxiety, depression, insecurities and pain disappeared. 


We experience through our Consciousness and not through our thoughts, emotions or sensations.


It is essential to practice accessing the primary necessities of your body activities,

creating well-being, quality of health and life.

Moving from illusions to integrity and truth within.

For yourself, your loved ones and the planet.

Sound energy is available for you without struggling for it. So simple you can't believe it.


With this subscription, You can start in the morning by activating your body naturally. 

Or in the evening. The exercises either activate or relax simultaneously.

Supporting your body at the right frequency to experience calm and vibrant thoughts

positively influences your mindset.

Feeling powerful, sexy and dynamically physically.


This works simply because you have an Energy system; you need to learn how to activate it.


Ready to flow in?

White Earphones

What you get ...

Free 15 to 30-minute call in which we address where your pain and discomfort are coming from.  

Learning to address and how release energetic blockages will free you from your pain and make you understand your mind/body connection better.        


Going deeper into why you suffer in certain parts of your body and how to get rid of the pain by loosening the connective tissue and returning it to its original state of health, allowing blood circulation to flow and oxygenate the body.                                                                   


This Embodied Health and Beauty subscription helps you to learn how to support your body and is the next step toward calming the nervous system and dealing with ‘unpleasant feelings', negative emotions and stress.

The Body understands more than the mind does.

Learn how to let it guide you.


Activating exercises to wake up with or relax in the evening are always available.


Starting with an essential Spine Flexibility exercise.

After all, the spine. It is your backbone to stand tall ;-).

*I am login Code.

*Basic Release.

*Instant Pain Release Exercise.

*Easy Instant Oxygene Exercise. (Pain results from a lack of oxygen and tension in the muscles.)

*Body Wisdom training for Women.

*Basic Meridian Tapping Exercise.

*Energizing Activation.

*Womb Meditation

*Awareness shifting Activations


Together these exercises are crucial to behaviour and pattern change, which is precisely needed to create new routines. 

Experience short-term relief and clarity, especially if you suffer significantly from adrenaline, fatigue, other stress-related symptoms, and sleep problems.

What does the monthly subscription cost?

This program is the only one of its kind, and - besides the content - it is also incomparable in price with, for example, classes elsewhere.

Simply because I've tried EVERYTHING.

So, I am sharing the best.

At the price of €79

Cancel any time.


You can schedule a 1:1 with me for more information or like to dive deeper into energy work.

If you need more immediate physical or mental support than this essential home exercise subscription. Because you are experiencing urgent pain, stress, anxiety or depression.
Then make an appointment with me to go deeper into your needs together. It is possible to supplement the subscription.
Such as flexibility exercises 
Or Trigger Point Release treatments to relieve pain directly by me.

Energetic activations or accompanying active energy release.
Specific 1:1 combination, the mind-body pathway to overcome long-term (pain) complaints and stress. Neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, migraines. 
But also skin irritations, digestive problems and more.

  • What is Mind Body Connection
    Physical health and emotional health are intimately intertwined in what's known as the mind-body connection. Our chemistry and biology impact our mood and emotions, as well as thoughts and beliefs. With all of these factors combined, they play a major role in influencing our stress and physical health.
  • What is Mind Body Medicine
    Mind Body Medicine is vibrational healing by increasing our self energy. Reaching higher levels of consciousness. Choosing from power.
  • Is Mind Body Connection available to everyone
    YES. Indeed, it is our "normal" state of being that we have de-learned. When we trust our bodies completely and return to how our body process really works, we live from a healthy state of being. Mind Body Balance.
  • Do massages help me get rid of my pain
    Certainly and it is a easy way to get into the body. Only there are often silent trigger points blockages present, combined with dehydrated connective tissue that causes stiffness and pain in the body. Massages help for a short while, but does not relieve you on a deeper level. Releasing chronic pain and stress related health issues require support and conscious routine of Mind Body Connection, Breath work and Flexibility Method. Fixing and forcing action from the mind. Creates continues trigger points in the body. Too much tension and a lack of blood circulation.
  • I am pregnant, can I start with Mind Body exercises and activations?
    Yes, you can. The online Activations are very mild and friendly. During classes, we are in continuous contact about how you experience everything. The flexibility and energy exercises have been proven to relief back and pelvic floor complaints. Just never overdo anything : ).
  • My question is not listed here, now what?"
    Sen your question to: Or send me a message throug messenger.

I help ambitious women connect to their Self Feminine energy to reduce pain in the body, be confident and clear with decisions, and rediscover themselves.

Through my focused Super-Natural complete health, beauty, sexuality and well-being method. 


Therefore, I work exclusively with methods based on primal, essential elements. 

Themes that consistently play an essential role in my work are; Alignment, Energy and Flow.


I am a certified MAP coach, Trigger Point Reset practitioner, Mind Body Medicine Energy Worker and Shadow Alchemy Mentor.


I've worked with many women on their health and well-being.

Money, Health, and Love are all about Well-Being.


I can't wait to share my knowledge with you by experiencing my "Body Wisdom."



Are you ready for it?


@2021 Massage Studio Jordaan

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