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Welcome to your Basic-Energetic Release Subscription.

I have created a selection of exercises, releases, information and activations that I have come to use over the years that work.

They not only help you get out of your mind and into your body.
But there are some essential components of a proven pain-free existing course.
So you have at your disposal everything you need to live pain-free. 
Except for the physical treatments.

Some help you to create awareness and free yourself from the identification illusions you may be preoccupied with throughout the day, experiencing tension and stress in your body.

Others help to Release the pain and relax or reenergize and bring clarity.



Module 1
Inner work-outs

All the Rage

First things First

Watch this trailer from:

Dr Sarno

Chronic Mind/Body Pain and stress-related health issues. 

Here are  Dr John Sarno's 12 daily reminders for people with Tension Myositis Syndrome, and explain how these can be applied to one's chronic pain or symptoms. These principles form the basis of the healing work involved. If you understand them, you should know how to cure TMS. For more structured guidance and help, check out my Online Consultation HERE

Dr Sarno 12 Daily Reminders.jpeg
Massage tafel

Pain Release Exercise Audio
Connect with your Pain Emotions

Basic-Energetic Release Audio
Contact me for your Personal Release Audio. Send me a message


I like to use eft tapping on the meridian points. And use it as a mind/body tool to get back into my body. It's really simple and most important, it works.

Watch the intro video "learn how to Tap" with Jessica Ordner.

Then watch the video below if you need to get back into your body. Because you have too many things on your mind.

It calms the nervous system and helps you regain clarity.

I use it as a sleep aid.

Bio-Energetic pump activation.
Pumping energy into our organs.
Activating the fluid in our spine.
Opening and rounding your spine.

TIP: Try this right after you wake up.

back pic.jpg

The exercise from the side.

Don't forget to relax your shoulders and your face.


The scale of water balance activation.

Don't forget to relax your face and shoulders.

I love this Somatic Psoas Release. Not only does it help you to Release, and it has a calming way to get back into your body and breathe more deeply.

Instant Oxygen, Pain Release/ Power Breathing

Warning Don't try this in a pool or while driving
or any activity that could put your life in danger.

When in doubt, don't try this alone but contact me to join you, so we can practise this together.

In this video, I activate several energy areas.
You can learn more about Collective Consciousness in the Genius Dynamic of Pain Masterclass I share in this subscription.
And I will update more on this as well. 

In any case, I still find it an excellent way to connect with myself.
If you have any questions, please let me know.

@2021 Mind Body Wisdom

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