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1:1 Container 
Four weeks

Creating quantum leaps in your spiritual endeavour because you have freed yourself from the belief that You HAVE to choose between one experience or another.
You will choose to have a taste to experience both; to decide, you will make THEM both important. Turn both into MATTER. Through disconnection. And then by connecting to the exact frequency of the MESS.
Doing this requires an accurate energy reading and knowing how to connect to something cleanly.

When you know your taste and pure desires and surrender to them, you create MAGIC.
Magic that seems unreal but IS REA.
You shall weave new frequencies into your body that weren't there before. 
This means you're renewing your ability to activate your clients, reducing the time it takes to create results, making this change experience more powerful, and creating a more significant cash flow with your dream company than you've created before, with less effort.
When and where did we learn that reality is finite and everything we want to experience in our minds cannot be created?
Who does believe this serves us well?


A disconnection experience that will unlock your creative potential and unleash your true power.


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