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The Genius Dynamic of Pain.

Archetypes expressing through the body. 


Why do we ignore the pain and other stress-related symptoms we experience in our bodies? 

We prefer to let pain and symptoms get worse first, to the point where our bodies often stop functioning properly, leaving us feeling helpless and powerless.


A form of masochistic destructiveness.


Humans prefer to wait until movements become unbearable. By ignoring the symptoms and continuing the suffering, the body leaves us no choice but to signal louder, and we're forced to spend even more time, money and energy to get back into a healthy state. 


This pattern proves that the Shadow archetypes are in play, Lower states of consciousness that don't want us to ascend into our most glorious greatness or highest level of well-being experience.


Shadow creates passivity. They override the mind & body in an attempt to avoid the things that can move us into higher ones. You are a hostage who remains trapped in the story that you need to remain stuck.


The archetypes activate a loop pattern of ignorance and more stagnation, and keep us further away from flexibility and progress. As a result, they cause more damage to the body.


This is why both you and your clients go:


*The pain should have been gone by now.

*I don't know how to resolve this pain and symptoms myself.

*The pain will never go away.

*I don't have time or money for this.


And further and further you go from your essence of well-being.


Our greatest Collective Pain is the failure to recognize the passive behavior by which we victimize ourselves. 


A whole new world opens up when you begin to pay attention to these signs and symptoms to understand which archetype dominates and where they settle in your body.


You are given whole new levels of possibility to disrupt the pattern, the pain and the complaints caused in the first place. 


Archetype Alchemy is a way of turning pain into Genius at a level few have ever gone in a fraction of the time. 


You’ll be able to let the pain lead you or your client more profound into the vast mystery of the Body and Alchemy process than ever before and come out on the other end with fast-track solutions. 


The psychic infrastructure of the archetypes within the body provides a roadmap that has been missing from the entire business of health and healing, that while often being the saving grace in need, most times have no clear understanding of how the pain can be transformed and shifted into a Powerful body than ever before. 


A few spots for Alchemy Anatomy teaching are now up for grabs.  


Four-week container for therapists, coaches and all other energy workers. Yoga and Pilates teachers, Personal trainers. 

Please fill in the application form, and I will contact you soon.

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