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       The Mind-Body Connection.

       Starts here

The price starts from €800
Any treatments and exercises, depending on need and quantity are extras and not included in the price.
Further consultation during the intake.

Personal  Trajectory  Mind/body start kit.

Connect to your body with kindness, compassion and curiosity

      This trajectory of four weeks consists of the following:


  • An (online) intake interview with me for the first steps towards clarifying your desires and the situation you want to change.

  • A subsequent first session takes the first steps towards awareness.

  • You can also use a life-changing release anytime and anywhere to relieve stress and tension. 

  • Guidance and login code to your subconscious. 

  • Supporting assignments to practice with at home.

  • A second (online) session where attention is paid to the changes, awareness, thinking and behaviour.

  • Possible addition of physical treatments both on location or online.
    *And or flexibility exercises to regain confidence in the body.
    *Learning to address pain in the body and knowledge of how to loosen the connective tissue.

  • A third (online)session to gain more profound insight into your system and underlying layers. 

  • A fourth (online) session to recognize patterns and create spiritual discernment, using the Archetypes patterns.

  • Full WhatsApp support during the process. 

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