I am Monique and 54 years old. I live and work in Amsterdam.

I help people become free from chronic pains and stress related health issues, using a practical primal mind/body connection. I am also an experienced expert on fear and anxiety.

I had to discover  this the 'hard' way myself, but now I have learned how, I can pass this on to you.

Because suffering is not an option.

Online training by Monique Meijer

How expats and



Oriented people 


Become free from


pain and stress


related health issues. 

          I will share with you:​

  • How the connection between your physical and emotional pain works which explains the root cause of most physical problems.

  • How to make sure your body is not going to pay the price for your ambitions again.

  • A new way to overcome the challenges expats have that is now preventing you from achieving your goals.

  • My approach ensures you are feeling happy and not alone, wherever you go.

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