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Our Values and Desires are based on our instigation channel.

The Prostitute Sacral Chakra.

Lover the Higher heart.


We often think, we want things for the right reason, but when we find out the real truth behind it, it turns out to be based on something else.

Energy is off and You send out the wrong message.

You are undervaluing yourself.


There is Truth and a Higher Truth.


This has an important influence on how we Appear and Present ourself in live.

Not only for people who work online, but for everybody.

Your appearance sends codes faster than anything else.


If you want to send your message out, whether it’s business or personal, it is your desire to get it out The Right Way.

You don’t want to be misunderstood.

Nor be undervalued.

In fact, there is a completely different person inside you who wants to come out.

When you take your true values and desires out of the shadows, and put them into true light, you will be amazed at how you emerge.


Your taste will change.

I have experienced it several times, with myself and others, that a completely different preference of colors, clothes, food, music and or other interests arises.

You will get a strong preference to profile yourself a different way.

So, get ready to meet your Iconic self.


3 weeks with The Style Coder.

Personal Recoding.

Zoom call.



Iconic Love.

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