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       Spine Openings
       Cranio Sacral Activations
       Fascia Stretching 
       Trigger Point Therapy
       Energy and Meridian 
       Activating Exercises
       Pain Release

Wake up and smell the roses.

Start the day,
Your way

A flexible spine and body is the key to a youthful appearance.


You are as young as your spine is flexible." Who maintain the elasticity of their spines and limbs appear youthful and lively even in middle age and beyond. If you're struggling with stiffness and chronic discomfort despite leading a healthy lifestyle, you're not alone.


There's no one-size-f-all solution when it comes to nurturing our bodies.

You are unique and so is your spine.


I've created the Mind Body Spirit FeM Flex Community to create awareness and to support your Flexibility and well being.

A Juicy Life A Juicy Body

Aging is a major factor in limiting the natural flexibility you were born with.


As we get older, muscles and joints seem to get stiffer and tighter.

We are suppose to use our body and embody a active lifestyle, stress and sitting a lot will accelerate the process of losing natural flexibility.

Stress, anxiety, and blockages can prevent you from feeling excited, satisfied and fulfilled. 


Flexibility, Spine openings and relaxing the connective tissue allows you to reconnect with your body, reawakening your libido naturally and increasing your vital energy.


By gaining tone and strength, improving your posture, and reconnect with your body, you can live harmony with your physique and enrich your intimate relationships.

Connecting with and opening up to your body and flexibility, is making it easier for women to reach orgasm and experience pleasure. 

Increasing your vitality and embracing your full potential will revolutionize your journey to holistic well-being and fulfillment.


Yes, you naturally have a God-Self physical essence, elementally woven into the fabric of your being.


However, your body requires a harmonious synchronization of mind, body and soul, an awareness often overlooked in customary teachings.


For years, you have diligently sought remedies for both physical ailments and emotional problems, but the true essence of vitality through conventional teachings has remained elusive. 


It is time to transcend the cycle of mere survival and embrace a life brimming with vitality and purpose.


Are you ready to shift your focus from survival and suffering to experiencing the richness your consciousness has to offer life?



Ignite the radiant glow of health and beauty from within through powerful energetic activations.


Experience freedom of movement by activating spinal openings, unlocking your body's natural vitality.


Naturally experience a deep sense of harmony and balance as you release tension and improve your flexibility, nourishing your body from within.


Embody a deeper connection with your innate wisdom, allowing you to cultivate true wellness and beauty.


Free yourself from stagnant energy and limitations as you embark on a journey of holistic transformation.


Open your pelvic region and release your connective tissue in that area from the grip of tension, giving you a new sense of ease and grace in movement.


Stimulate your body, mind and spirit as you release old patterns and embrace a new paradigm of health and beauty.


Discover your limitless potential of energetic activations, awaken dormant energy centres and rehabilitate your whole being. 


Surrender to the power of your body and experience profound shifts in body and mind. 


Liberating effects of releasing connective tissue through flexibility, releasing boundless energy and vitality.

Enjoy the delightful experience of nourishing your body and soul as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.


Undergo the beauty of movement as you explore the depths of flexibility and experience a new freedom and joy.


Consciously undergo the rejuvenating effects of energetic activations as you bask in the glow of radiant health and vitality.


Empower your sexy back through the spinal openings and activations and align with your essence. 


Last but not least, gain the wisdom and bliss of holistic well-being and beauty, knowing that true transformative flexibility begins from within.






If you, like me, have found yourself trapped in a cycle of stiffness and chronic discomfort despite all your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then you know the frustration of feeling disconnected from your own body. 


The countless hours spent in the gym, investments of time, and money in therapy, the mindful eating – it all seemed to fall short, leaving us with chronic pains, nagging ailments, and a sense of betrayal by our bodies.


     Wake up and smell the roses

               Activate your                                 
              Energetic System


We can't demand wellness from our bodies; that works counterproductive, we must learn to listen to our body, understand its needs, and respond instinctively.


That's where the Mind Body Spirit FeM Flex Membership comes in. 


Based on the principles of individual physical intelligence, this membership is a journey towards re-establishing a deeper connection with your body. 


It's about moving beyond mere exercise routines and embracing a lifestyle that honours the innate wisdom of your body.


Flexibility lies at the heart of our approach. It's the key to unlocking movement, vitality, and resilience, regardless of age. 


Through this individual physical-focused program, you'll experience the joy of joint integrity, the power of strength, the vitality of cardiovascular fitness, and the grace of balance – all supported by the essential element of flexibility.


But this membership isn't just about physical flexibility; it's about reclaiming your juiciness – that vibrant, vibrant energy that radiates from within when you're truly in tune with your body. 


It's about opening yourself up to the intelligence of your cells, allowing the life force to flow freely through your veins, nourishing every part of your being – mind, body, and spirit.


With FeM Flex, you can expect to move with freedom, to work without neck pain, and to live with vitality.


It's a quality lifestyle & optimal well-being embodiment, where every aspect of your being is nurtured and supported.


Fem Flex - a juicy life with a juicy body.

FeM FleX Membership

Wake- up feeling vibrant, energized, and fully connected to your body. A life where you move with grace and confidence, free from the constraints of pain or discomfort. 


This is within your reach.


Your body is a temple of incredible intelligence, capable of healing, rejuvenation, and boundless vitality. Yet, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often neglect this precious gift. 


We push ourselves to the limit, sacrificing our well-being for the sake of others or societal expectations.


But what if I told you that investing in yourself isn't selfish—it's essential? 


By prioritizing your physical and emotional health, you're not only enhancing your own life but also empowering those around you. When you feel good in your body, you radiate confidence, positivity, and resilience.


The FeM Flex membership isn't just about workouts or flexibility—it's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 


It's about reclaiming the connection with your body, your energy, and your joy. 


To seize the moment start listening and tune into your body's whispers. 


Invest in yourself, nurture your well-being, and watch as your life transforms in ways you never thought possible."


And choose to highlight the importance of prioritizing self-care and embracing the innate power of physical and emotional connection with one's body.

  • Allowing yourself to tune into your Body.

  • From pain into flexibility.

  • To stop competing with your body.

  • Feeling Trust & Confidence in your body.

  • Out of mind machine into the body.

  • Unwinding the thoughts, feelings and sensations of the SELF

Mind Body Spirit Connection Starts Here



With the FeM FleX subscription, You can start anytime at your own pace by activating your body naturally. 


The exercises either activate or relax simultaneously.


Supporting your body at the right frequency to experience calm and vibrant thoughts positively influences your mindset.


Feeling powerful, sexy and dynamically physically.


This works simply because you have an Energy system; your body awaits you to tune in to activate it.


White Earphones

What you get ...

I am offering You a free 15 to 30-minute call in which we address where your pain and discomfort are coming from.  

Learning to address and tune into your body is the way how to release energetic blockages and to free you from your pain and make you understand your mind/body/spirit connection .       


Going deeper into the tightness and stiffness in certain parts of your body , building an physical intimate relationship allows the connective tissue to return it to its original flexible state of health, allowing blood circulation to flow and oxygenate the body.   



                         Personal  Embodied Health and Beauty Inside out.




FeM Flex membership isn’t about;


You working out perfectly or Your flexibility as a measuring stick. 


You DOing another thing to make you feel better.

To look better.

To get rid of your pain.

To heal.

Opening your pelvic area and feel everything you long to feel.


Right now;


You probably aren't aware about the price of limitations in your body you have to pay for trying to achieve your desires in life.


To reverse the physical visible effects you have been thriving for will be a natural side effect of tuning into your physical intelligence.


Women are blown away by the fact that what they “normally” invest in their health and well-being would bring them the level of results they experience when they get in tune with their bodies. 


Every time we get together everything I will be sharing with you is for you to experience what you invest in yourself is well invested to build a strong and flexible foundation and that pays off. 


And how fast the body restores hormonal disbalances, and inflammations more examples here, are when you listen to your body and why your body can function from its omniscient system. 


Move from a slow delated investment in Yourself, (You have done that enough), to receive the level of quality your body has for you. 


Get out with the old and rejuvenate the new.


Through the flexibility and dynamic power of your organic being



FeM FleX is about your physical intimacy and relationship tune in to receive the energetic information and exchange of your innate intelligence.




*Spine Opening Activations

*Connective Tissue Release Exercises.

*Instant Pain Release Exercises.

*Easy Instant Oxygen Exercise. (Pain results from a lack of oxygen and tension in the muscles.)

*Mini  Shadow Alchemy workshop.

*Meridian Connection Exercise.

*Energizing Activation and Relaxation.

*Fem Energy Meditation

*Sharing information on nutritional values





These exercises are powerful behavior and pattern change, which is precisely needed to create new routines that fit your individual being.

Experience short-term relief and clarity, especially if you suffer significantly from adrenaline, fatigue, other stress-related symptoms, and sleep problems.

What does this Community Membership cost?

This is the one of its kind, and - besides the content - it is also incomparable in price with, for example, classes elsewhere.


Simply because I've tried EVERYTHING and not selling you a template but showing you back to the True Creative Essence of who you are.


So, yes, I am sharing what is best for YOU.

At the price of €19,95 per month!


We want to go slow to fast and commit yourself for two months.


You can schedule a 1:1 with me for more information or like to dive deeper into energy work.

If you need immediate physical or mental support then this essential membership. If you are experiencing urgent pain, stress, anxiety panic attacks or suffer from depression.
Then make an appointment with
me to go deeper into your needs together.

Or phone me on my mobile: +31 640473168

Receive Trigger Point Release treatments to relieve pain directly by me.

Energetic activations or accompanying active energy release.
Specific 1:1 combination, the mind-body-spirit pathway to overcome long-term (pain) complaints and stress. Neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, migraines. 
But also skin irritations, digestive problems and more.

  • What is Mind Body Connection
    Physical health and emotional health are intimately intertwined in what's known as the mind-body connection. Our chemistry and biology impact our mood and emotions, as well as thoughts and beliefs. With all of these factors combined, they play a major role in influencing our stress and physical health.
  • What is Mind Body Medicine
    Mind Body Medicine is vibrational healing by increasing our self energy. Reaching higher levels of consciousness. Choosing from power.
  • Is Mind Body Connection available to everyone
    YES. Indeed, it is our "normal" state of being that we have de-learned. When we trust our bodies completely and return to how our body process really works, we live from a healthy state of being. Mind Body Balance.
  • Do massages help me get rid of my pain
    Certainly and it is a easy way to get into the body. Only there are often silent trigger points blockages present, combined with dehydrated connective tissue that causes stiffness and pain in the body. Massages help for a short while, but does not relieve you on a deeper level. Releasing chronic pain and stress related health issues require support and conscious routine of Mind Body Connection, Breath work and Flexibility Method. Fixing and forcing action from the mind. Creates continues trigger points in the body. Too much tension and a lack of blood circulation.
  • I am pregnant, can I start with Mind Body exercises and activations?
    Yes, you can. The online Activations are very mild and friendly. During classes, we are in continuous contact about how you experience everything. The flexibility and energy exercises have been proven to relief back and pelvic floor complaints. Just never overdo anything : ).
  • My question is not listed here, now what?"
    Sen your question to: Or send me a message throug messenger.

I help ambitious women reconnect through Mind/Body/Spirit to reduce pain in the body, be confident and clear with decisions, and rediscover themselves.

Through my focused Super-Natural Complete Holistic Health, Beauty, Sexuality and Well-being exercises. 


Therefore, I work exclusively based on primal essential elements and with holistic supplements. 


Themes that consistently play an essential role in my work are; Energy and Consciousness, Awareness and Natural Elements, and Physical Intelligence.


I am a certified MAP coach, Trigger Point Reset practitioner, Mind Body Spirit Medicine Energy Worker and Shadow Alchemy Code Reader.


I've worked with many women on their health and well-being.

Money, Health, and Love are all about Well-Being.

Nice to know: The word Health comes from Whole.


I can't wait to share my experiences  with you through the practical Body



Are you ready for it?


@2021 Massage Studio Jordaan

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