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THE way of achieving outstanding mind-body health by DECODING


codes of the body.

Without the proper guidance of our being at the deepest level, we become reactive to our surroundings and become increasingly weakened by how certain situations or people affect us. This allows less light to shine through. 
More than that, we bring our old patterns into new situations, find ourselves repeating the past and become vulnerable to absorbing others' energies negatively as a sponge in the subconscious.


Activating power in our posture and internal dialogue, which unconsciously comes from our essence and everything from our breathing to presence and movement, sets the foundation for what we transmit and receive. 
It also sets the tone for how we LEAD, run our business and maintain relationships.
Although we know that 93 per cent of all communication is nonverbal, many of us still spend little or no time mastering it. 
We speak volumes when we say nothing, with or without awareness.
It is time to OWN OUR STORY and the way it is told. 



Body Flexibility:


 Primary method based on spine work and connective tissue release.


Zoom classes twice a week.

Whats- app support.

Full Body Trigger point release.


We will be going deeper into our Feminine Energy.

Becoming adept at giving to yourself.

Ultimately it is about deep physical trust.

Regaining body confidence.


It is that beautiful balance between Male Energy/Yang and Female Energy/ Ying and serving your Pleasure. 


Steadfast resolve is not possible unless you know how to relax. Many people in the hectic modern world mistake the word rest for relaxation. We all need rest, yet perhaps even more, we need relaxation. Rest allows the physical body to recharge, but relaxation also allows all of our subtle bodies to be restored. When we relax fully, our emotional and mental health is assured, as well as our physical health.

There are several ways to work together.


  • How and when to start in mutual consultation.

Mind/Body Start kit.

*Body Support Flexibility.
*Mental support.
*Combination of both.
Including massages and energetic treatments.


Trigger Point Releases combined with Mind/Body Medicine.

Connecting with the body, learning where your pain comes from, and how to prevent it.


*Mastering energy.

*Shadow Alchemy: Based on the four pillars of Consciousness.
*Learning the Alchemy process.


My passion is Super Natural Beauty.
When you're done holding yourself from showing up to your Aesthetic appeal.

For ambitious women, connect to their divine feminine energy to reduce pain in the body, be confident and clear with decisions, and rediscover their mighty sexual power through my focused-super-natural beauty method.

Understanding High Femininity.


Work with me and choose your 1:1 container .

To start activating your undeniable desire to embody true Health, Beauty and Wealth.

Walking the path of power.

Being the creator of your life.

Book a free consultation session with me.

There is more money to be made by temporarily curing people and leaving them dependent for the rest of their lives, but my mission is to teach people their own power and satisfaction in how to prevent and treat stress-related health issues and pain ,so they can create a life they want for themselves.


The practice teaches us not to control the body, but rather to let it guide us according to its own wisdom.


The Body holds all the wisdom we need.
If you choose to support your Body.
It will lead you the way.



The Body never lies and shows us exactly where we are in life.
When we resist ourselves and aren't available.

Our lives show us precisely that.

When we breathe too high, not allowing the blood to circulate properly, Trigger Points are created in the muscles, and our Connective tissue is in tension.
We are locking ourselves while our Body is always in Flow.
We experience pain and try to avoid it as much as possible. 
When we don't know exactly how to access the information on who we are and our true desires, not knowing how to support our body releases pain and "trauma" within ourselves. 
We get more stuck.
Something we've never learned and was not clear for a long time.
I am here to show you how to take responsibility for your health.
The good news is that you can release any "trauma" yourself.


This is not only Body Work.
​Hands-on alchemy is integrated with
shadow alchemy work.

Read more on Shadow Alchemy HERE

A Powerful Mind/Body Tool to shift energy.

Physical work has always been my passion and is where my work revolves around. Shadow Alchemy is based on what's true about going on in our minds. 

The head is part of the body too.

Shadow = Illusion that keeps us stuck in beliefs and patterns, causing confusion, pain and illness to our system.
By confronting ourselves and facing conflicts, illusions and beliefs from our minds, we allow the body's wisdom 
to follow its path of power.

When we start acknowledging the illusions and embodying this into the Truth, we naturally activate truth into being.

This is Alchemy Action Procedure.

The All-in-One eight-week container is an intense and  COMPLETE procedure. 


Until now, you might feel you have done something wrong or missing something, but you aren't crazy; you don't know the truth.
You will learn where exactly where your pain is coming from and why.
Releasing pain and shame, life will never be the same.


The ALL-in-ONE experience.
1:1 container for eight weeks.
Zoom or Personal meetings twice a week.

Bodywork, flexibility, pain release and inner work.
Releasing the Connective Tissue to the Bone.
We are creating flexibility again in attachments and tendons to the muscles.
Full Body Trigger Point Reset Therapy sessions.

Shadow Alchemy, Workbook, Shadow Alchemy Map. 

Conflict Process. 
Change starts here.

Physical Alchemy Action.

Shadow Alchemy.

Flexibility Transformation.

Connective Tissue Stretching.

Trigger Point Release.

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