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"Back where You belong"

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

As a practitioner

Most people find it difficult to fully relax, even during a massage.

There is a collective contraction initiated from a Collective Consciousness.

People come for relaxation and pain/stress release but actually are in a time contraction and subconsciously want to continue taking action and control, above all, keep up, afraid to be left behind. Fear of Fomo. I usually get people to completely submit to their Self Energy so they are finally in 'the moment.

I call that 'back where you belong'.

We are powerful when we live from our Greatness.

And submit to our Genius.

Not when we are disconnected from our Body, this causes contraction and pain.

And we live from fear, stress, anger, shame and frustration.

Our Body has wisdom and is our vessel to create what we want.

We simply have to make contact with our Body through being In No Sense.

Life from creation and the Art that is truly ours.

Because we didn't learn the complete lesson during biology class, more and more people understand that when You want the power to create your life, health is the place to start.. But first, you have to know HOW your Bodyworks.

Mind and Body, because the head is part of the Body too.

This is not a story anymore.

This is a choice.

And a second chance in life.

To get you on the right path of creation.

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