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The Mind-Body Connection: Not Just a Theory Anymore

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Stress can be caused by bad and good things in life. It's part of life. Only often do we not know how to deal with it.

We know that we have to eat healthily and that exercise is good for us.

But when it comes to energy mastery, that remains difficult. It becomes even more complicated when stress and emotions can be taken too seriously and impact how we choose to live and let our minds lead us in the wrong direction.

And it's precisely what it takes for us to connect energetically with our bodies and health.

When I read that most pain is caused by repressed emotions... I immediately thought that's it!

Our emotions are associated with assignments to the Collective

I knew this was true instantly because I'd already tried everything.

Instinctively, I have always looked for solutions in the most natural way possible. But nevertheless, I also needed medication and had some operations behind me, and if there had been no medics, I would be dead by now.

But when it comes to a stressful situation that is not directly death-threatening, I prefer to solve it naturally.

So I have tried all kinds of things, mind-fullness, anxiety management, acupuncture, dry-needling, herbs, anthroposophical medicine, homoeopathic treatments, reiki, sports, yoga, healthy nutrition, diets, meditation etc. It did help me get rid of some symptoms, but another thing would always pop up.

We can use all-natural aids to support our bodies.

But what really helped me to the core, I know now, is that I suffered from emotions based on loyalty to other people, causing me high blood pressure.

I know my body well. And I felt like I wasn't breathing right. I was restless, suffering from rashes, headaches, and bowel problems. I knew I didn't always have the happiest thoughts, but I thought that was normal and that I was just like everyone else.

I also didn't realise I had blind spots. Not aware of the fact that `i was trying to please others. And that I unconsciously choose to create from fear.

So if something stresses me, a memory triggers me, and my subconscious automatically creates the same situation repeatedly.

Yet, we don't like that reaction. It's annoying, and we don't want to deal with it!

But then your body reacts even more. Duality arises, and that causes a lot of pain in the body.

The Ego tries to protect us (our survival system) from emotional pain and feels threatened because it has experienced this before. Trying to keep you "safe" with others.

I made a choice to live from my own power.

And everything changed.

Physical and mental pain sure has a real impact on your social life.

Some people can't work anymore because of the pain or burn-out. Maybe you are ashamed of your Psoriasis or suffer from your intestines or migraines.

I know it can be a challenge, and it takes courage to work with where all these problems come from. But I also notice that more and more people understand that something has to be done, especially after the Corona situation. People feel that something needs to change to build our powerful immune system.

This awareness is essential. I can only work with people who want to and are ready for it. The mind likes to trick us and take over and choose what it knows and is used to doing, that is, surviving and holding on to the old system that saved it before from a situation. But the body knows better and can do so much more..if you just learn how to use the Mind/Body connection, a different world starts to shift for you.

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