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Not healing from lack but awakening to the ever-present capacity of Your power.

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Energy, frequencies and vibrations don't sound like anything out of your everyday life. However, it does and is decisive for our health and well-being.

After years of managing trauma with all techniques, one thing has become clear: everything is energy, and that healing is about power.

Of course, I'm happy with all the knowledge and techniques I can apply to help people get rid of chronic pains within minutes.

But when I got into energy work, it explained everything.

Energy is all about being available completely and choosing from genuine desire.

That's when the magic starts.

We don't need to heal; we are not broken.

Only when choosing the end result of what we want from apparent power do we choose a

a healthy creation.

We often feel that something is missing, and we can feel lost.

We feel something is wrong whit us when our body aches and feel all the sensations

and warning signals in our bodies.

It is actually not!

These signals remind us of our greatness to let us know what we really want.

Deep down, everybody knows this.

You can learn how to recognize this and use it to your advantage.

Therefore healing or recovery is never from lack or about fixing but always from love and the Art we are here to create.

Monique Meijer

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