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When you consider yourself as a Queen. And in your heart, you want to be treated as one, but you’re actually not.


You know there is a decision to make to upgrade your standards.

Because you feel it in your Royal Bones.


If you’ve tried to live up to your royal standards, but feel there is a poor undertone.

It is crucial to find out why this is happening, for it to take to get what you do want.


If your still comprising your precious love.

Keep throwing your heart on the line.

Feel like there’s taking advantage of you.

Keep doubting yourself, worrying what might happen next and stuck in the same situation all the time.


It’s time you get into The Queens Gambit.


In this 6-week 1:1 with me you will learn to get clear on your desires and Purify your Value.

Learn why you don't receive the respect and love that you do want/deserve and How to change this.

So, You can give yourself what you do need, and are no longer "needy" for somebody or something else to give it to you.

Live in the Present based on True Value for Yourself.

Live a Drama Free Live!


6 Zoom calls & Shadow Alchemy sessions, 6 days a week contact on Slack reporting and feedback on your work.

Accountability, you will check-in to track your progress regularly and will be held accountable for your goals.

A Queen knows her duties. 👑

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