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When you begin to choose from what you KNOW, instead of what you THINK. 

You align with your nature and embrace health and wealth.

Personal Trajectory

We will start with how to ACTIVATE Your Body's Ability to Heal. 

You will receive assignments to: 


Increase awareness of your body, you’ll not only learn how to start living in the NOW but you’ll actually integrate it in your body, in your being.


You’ll learn through tools and techniques to instantly activate your body’s healing capacity and how to transform your life. 


Each of the cells in your body is constantly communicating a message that goes far beyond your physical self. You’ll find that your body is an amazing receptor and transmitter of energy. 

You will learn a soft way to discover blockages in yourself and how to release them.



You’ll upgrade the way your nervous system carries information so you open up to new possibilities you didn’t see before.


Most of what you perceive and communicate to the world is based on your subconscious programming. 

Your body is sending messages to the world that create your life. Most of this has been downloaded from your parents, society, and your past experiences.


It’s a big reason why people tend to experience the same challenges over and over without any real change. In this program, you will recognize and learn to release those subconscious programs at their core.



By re-patterning your thoughts and beliefs. We’ll upgrade your cellular messaging to align you with your True nature of harmony and health and create your life from there.



Out in the world, you’re bombarded with toxic information, toxic energy, toxic signals. 


Relationships, colleagues, family.


Your body receives these signals and internalizes them, which chemically creates the state of your body, your health, and your life.


You’ll integrate primal Mind/Body tools that give your cells exactly what they need. As your body releases the old heavy energies, this allows you to flow through life and receive all you need.



During this process, you’ll notice how much more aware you are of everything happening in your body. You become in harmony with what’s going on within you, and be able to instantly shift to open yourself to flow at any time.


You’ll learn how to feel into your emotions like a map telling you exactly where you are and how to get to where you would like to be. 


Your internal guidance system that is always communicating with you and knows exactly what needs to be done to get to where you want to go.


Getting CLEAR


Everything becomes more clear. And You start to understand Your life and Your body. You can see clearly how You lived before and where You are going now.



You will learn and know how important it is to have a way to reconnect with Yourself to set your intention and how to get inspired.

It is important every day to ALIGN with the truth in you and inspire your life. You'll have quick, easy ways to integrate wholeness so you continue to open and expand going forward.













This trajectory of 4 to 6 weeks consists of:


  • Intake/interview with me for the first steps towards clarifying your goals and the situation you want to change.

  • Supporting assignments to practice with at home/videos.

  • After about 2 weeks.

  • A second session where attention is paid to the changes, awareness, thinking and doing.

  • In combination with Trigger-point session/energy release treatment practice

  • Supporting assignments to practice with at home and videos.

  • After 4 weeks


  • A third session to gain deeper and more insight into your system and underlying layers. 

  • Second Trigger-point session/energy release treatment practice

  • Last session to evaluate and see what is still necessary.

  • Energy release treatment/practice If necessary a last Trigger-point session 


  • Full Whats-App support during the process. 


I acknowledge having read and understood the general conditions ofthe reservation 

contract and to accept them.

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