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 I am Monique, and I help ambitious women connect to their Self Feminine energy, be confident and clear with decisions, and rediscover their powerful energy through Shadow Alchemy and my focused-super-natural Flexibility, Fascia and Trigger Point Release Method, the complete health beauty, sexuality and well-being method. 



              Male/Female energy.


Masculine energy is defined by DOING and achieving and moulded by logic and reason. The Feminine is more intuitive, oriented towards receiving and allowing, and characterized by BEING. When these energies are balanced, we experience greater harmony and fulfilment.

Improving Your sexual desire naturally.

There is a loving, soft, and easier way for women.

A female is a receiver of nature. 


By stepping into Your higher female energy, you can thrive in another way versus conclusion, judgement, or suppression. 

Energy Release

Shadowwork is the Sacred Alchemy of seeing all of ourselves as Divine and worthy of love.

It is learning to use discernment to connect with our inner wisdom and remember what is true for us and what aligns with our true self.


Light is here to help you grow. False light doesn't nurture robust and healthy growth. The New Consciousness is here to help you rest and integrate. False darkness keeps you in a constant state of fear. 

Shadows come in patterns. Shadow is an Illusion. Patterns that come up with your thoughts and behaviours.  For example, Who am I to do this? That belongs to a specific shadow pattern. Shadow is compact, dense energy, which is linked to this belief. By working with shadow, you transform the compact, dense energy still trapped in your body into personal power and integrity. In other words, from shadow to light.


This immediately changes your reality. Each time you alchemize your shadow into light, personal power is released that was not there before.

There is a Collective Consciousness/ shadow and a personal consciousness. Personal shadow is created by specific experiences and how you react to them.

What it does to you and the trauma you experience. Collective shadow is a more general shadow that almost every person, provided you do shadow work, has in a particular collective.


For example, people descended from slaves or those who have been through the war have a corresponding shadow. When you begin shadow work, you will recognize energetic patterns around you and in the news everywhere. So you can better see and understand what is going on. You will also completely get rid of victimhood. If you have already become a victim in a certain situation. Or you have passed it on from your predecessors in your DNA line. Then you will process that FOREVER. Victimhood goes completely out of your energy. What you get in return is a very Sovereign Energetic system. Sovereign, operating yourself with your own values, your own desires, your own goals and your soul blueprint.

Alchemy work is the internal growth process of remembering who we are—the spiritual journey, if you like—the journey of remembering our pure, loving Divine souls, transforming illusion/shadow into light, and bringing it into physical form. 


Jung stated that the shadow is the unknown dark side of the personality. According to Jung, the shadow, instinctive and irrational, is prone to psychological projection, recognizing perceived personal inferiority as a perceived moral deficit in someone else.

  • The Four Pillars of Consciousness.

  • Archetypal energies create power or disasters in your life.

  • Unlearn to operate from survival consciousness.

  • We can not create what we want when our clear consciousness is overshadowed. 

  • The Archetypes move us into thriving consciousness by getting back into our power.

  • You are the Creator of your life.

  • Turning energy into matter.

  • Choosing from Power. 

  • Releasing the resistance


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Three Month Container

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