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FeM FleX  A Juicy Life and a Juicy Body

I’ve created a community/membership, and I’d love for you to join.


If there's one thing that I like to share with other women, it's to explain the reason why you're not feeling juicy and fluid but stuck in your body, and why you seem to be unable to do the “right” thing the way you want to and feel good about yourself and your body.

Blauwe sportkleding

The way to start Supreme Juicy-ness
Is by Tuning in to YOUR Body.


This workshop contains all the information that will allow you to understand where your pain and physical and mental stress-related health problems are coming from. 


                         How the Mind/Body connection releases pain and stress-related health issues.


                                                                           In 3 steps.




Today you will learn.

Perhaps to most important thing for yourself ,  something you didn't learn in school or get from your parents. 


  • The connection between your physical and emotional pain.

  • To prevent your body from not paying the price for your ambitions.

  • How to deal with challenges to start making them work for you instead of against you.




Watch the 40-minute Workshop.


Enjoy watching the workshop 

Join the Movement

Learn more about FeM FleX 


Wake up and smell the roses 


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