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Vrouw in bont

Health and Beauty 

Rid yourself of pain, anxiety and depression from within.
Return to trust in yourself and your body.


Blauwe sportkleding

The way to start Your Supreme
Health and Beauty starts in YOUR Body.


This workshop contains all the information that will allow you to understand where YOUR pain and stress-related health problems are coming from. 


You will understand where you are stuck in patterns and behaviours to address it physically and mentally and how and what you can do about it. 

Knowing how to release yourself from the knot you have gotten stuck in.

You may think you can't (knot belief). There is no such thing as being completely healthy and happy (knot) because you are in a difficult situation. You have already tried many things, but it does not work; it is probably because of you. There is something wrong with you( knot) because others can do or have what you want. 

But it's not true.

It's not because of your body, metabolism, hormones, immune system, or genetic disorder. 


It is because you believe the knot, or something outside of yourself, has power over you, and YOU have come to identify with Your”  problems". 

You see "the knot issue" as something not good about you instead of seeing it as an upgrade for yourself. 


You need to know how your body works, to work WITH it instead of against it. 

Because if nothing has worked for you so far, you are working against it. 

Your body knows everything.

You don't need to save or fix yourself. 

That is a need for a coping strategy.

You are automatically on the right path when you choose your Body's Wisdom.

Watch the 40-minute Workshop.


Note: In the first seven minutes of the workshop the sound is noisy but later gets better. I will improve this a.s.a.p.

Join the Movement
Embodied Health &Beauty 

Are You Ready to Start and Embrace Your-  SELF


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