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Chronic pain and Exercise.

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

A significant "shift" that most women experience when working together is when they discover that chronic Pain symptoms won't disappear by exercising alone but that it's about supporting the Body, especially after a workout. The work is about behavior and what effect it has on your Body.

Mind and Body. The head is part of the Body.

You simply cannot heal from a starting point of impatience, fixing, forcing or must heal. (Which is masculine energy)

Women come to see me because they don't understand why they still suffer from pain when working out. Even Pilates or Yoga can actually cause more pain in their Body than it relieves.

Chronic pain is usually caused by Trigger points in our muscles. Trigger Points are often caused by too much tension and a lack of oxygen in the muscles and veins (stress, frustration, worries), so the blood can't circulate properly. In addition, stress and unconscious behavior cause breathing too high in the Body.

If your Body is full of trigger points, you need to be aware. And you will force your Body to do hard work, whether Pilates, Yoga or any other sport. That you are entering a minefield. Those hidden" Trigger points will be activated. And your Body will simply block. And causing the Connective Tissue to tighten.

It is not because of exercise but because of the constant unhealthy pressure on your Body caused by stress.

Learning about Mind/Body Connection exercises to understand the nervus vagus system and trusting your own Body's Wisdom. You create a healthy attitude to naturally overcome your pain.

Book a Mind/Body activation exercise now.

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